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Mortgages Options

The most commonly used type of mortgage in Portugal and offered by all leading lenders is the Capital repayment mortgage.
With each monthly payment, you pay the interest cost and reduce the outstanding capital bit by bit. The loan will be fully repaid at the end of the mortgage term.

Acquisition Mortgage

Secure the financing you need to make your dream home a reality with our expert guidance. We work closely with qualified advisors to tailor the best possible financing solution to match your specific criteria.

Portuguese lenders offer acquisition mortgages to individuals purchasing properties with habitation licenses. Enjoy flexible loan terms of up to 50 years for residents and 30 years for non-residents, with a maximum borrowing range of 60% to 80% of the acquisition or valuation price, depending on the lender.

Choose between variable or fixed-rate options, each with its early redemption penalty. For variable-rate mortgages, the penalty is 0.50%, while fixed-rate mortgages incur a fixed penalty of 2%.


Mortgage Transfer

:Considering transferring your existing mortgage? Let us analyze your current conditions and advise on potential benefits. Whether you're seeking lower rates or adjustments to loan terms, a mortgage transfer could be a viable option for optimizing your financial strategy.


Construction Loan:

Own a plot of land or planning to renovate your property? Our team will assist you in securing the most favorable conditions for a construction loan. These loans are available to individuals with approved building projects for habitation purposes.

Most banks offer financing for 100% of the construction cost, disbursed in stages throughout the building process. Typically, construction loans have a maximum term of 2 years, during which the loan operates on an interest-only basis.

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