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Assessing Your Financial Eligibility

From assessing your financial strength to evaluating property valuation, here are the main key factors that influence mortgage approval.

Income Verification

To evaluate your ability to manage monthly mortgage payments, the bank will scrutinize various sources of income, including salary, dividends, investments, pensions, and rental earnings. Detailed documentation, such as pay slips, tax returns, and bank statements, provides insight into your financial stability.


Existing Debt Analysis

Confirmation of existing liabilities, such as mortgages, personal loans, and credit card debts, is essential. The lender will review credit reports and loan/mortgage statements to assess your monthly fixed commitments and debt-to-income ratio.


Employment Background

Proof of current employment status, typically in the form of an employer's reference letter, is required. For self-employed individuals, details about the company, verified by an accountant, are necessary to ascertain financial stability.


Credit History Evaluation

A thorough assessment of your credit history, including credit reports from your country of residence and checks with the Bank of Portugal for liabilities within Portugal, ensures a comprehensive understanding of your financial standing.


Property Valuation

The bank engages an independent engineer to assess the value of your property. Mortgage financing typically ranges from 60% to 80% of the property's valuation. We facilitate this process by coordinating property visits and handling all necessary documentation on your behalf.

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